Investisment Promotion Agency of Mauritania (APIM)  at Qatar Economic Forum

Participation of APIM’s Director General in a panel on FDI at the Qatar Economic Forum 2023.

The Director General of the Investment Promotion Agency of Mauritania (APIM), Ms. Aissata Lam, participated in a panel entitled “The Outlook for FDI in Dynamic and Uncertain World” “as part of the Qatar Economic Forum at Doha.

This panel brought together leaders from the public and private sectors to share their perspectives on the futur of foreign investment in an ever-changing economic world.

Ms. Lam addressed key topics such as government policies to promote foreign direct investment in Mauritania , highlighting an attractive institutional framework, tax incentives, and reforms to improve the business climate.


She also highlighted investment opportunities in strategic sectors such as renewable energy, argiculture, livestock, fisheries, and tourism.

The Qatar Economic Forum is a wide-reaching event that brings together international experts and policymakers to discuss global economic issues.

APIM’s participation in this panel demonstrates the importance Mauritania places on foreign investment and creating a suitable business climate.



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