The Tasiast gold mine has been operated since 2010 by Kinross Gold Corporation through its wholly-owned subsidiary Tasiast Mauritanie Limited S.A. (TMLSA). Located in the middle of large desert expanses, 300 kilometers northeast of Nouakchott in the Inchiri region, Tasiast is an open-pit mine. The gold contained in the ore mined from the pits is recovered through a processing plant and heap leach facilities. Tasiast's proven and probable gold reserves are estimated at 6330 million ounces of gold


Moov Mauritel works in collaboration with the Mauritanian State and the Strategic Partner to constantly modernize and increase the capacity of telecommunications infrastructure in Mauritania and significant progress has been made in this area, which makes Moov Mauritel the leader of telecommunications in our country and places it at the forefront in terms of offers, coverage and technological and commercial innovation.


BP established its presence in Mauritania and Senegal in 2017, following the discovery of a gas field which straddles the maritime border of the two countries. Since entering in Mauritania and Senegal, bp partnered with Kosmos Energy, Mauritanian Company for Hydrocarbons  (SMH) and Oil Company of Senegal (PETROSEN) on the development of the multi-phase Greater Tortue Ahmeyim (GTA) Project.

Total Energies

TotalEnergies is a global multi-energy energy production and supply company: oil and biofuels, natural gas and green gases, renewables and electricity. Our 105,000 employees are committed to energy that is ever more affordable, cleaner, more reliable and accessible to as many people as possible. Present in more than 130 countries, we place sustainable development in all its dimensions at the heart of our projects and operations to contribute to the well-being of populations.

The Central Bank of Mauritania

The Central Bank of Mauritania created by Law No. 73-118 of May 30, 1973 amended by Laws 74-118 of June 8, 1974 and 75-332 of December 26, 1975, is a legal person whose organization, management, the control, powers, objectives, instruments and operations are determined by Law No. 034/2018/PR/ on the statutes of the Central Bank of Mauritania.


Arise Mauritania is the developer of a container terminal at the Port of Nouakchott in a public private partnership with the Republic of Mauritania. Arise develops and operates modern ports that function as a multifunctional hub in every country we work. The infrastructure is interconnected with national industrial centers, thereby greatly enhancing the import-export capacity of our African partners.

أدت المديرة العامة لوكالة ترقية الاستثمارات في موريتانيا، أمس الأربعاء صحبة فريق متابعة وتحليل الاستثمارات، زيارة إلى مصنع الموريتانية لصناعات الألياف (MIF) في نواكشوط.

وتتخصص هذه الشركة ،الحاصلة على شهادة استثمار طبقا لنظام الشركات الصغيرة والمتوسطة، في تصنيع وتسويق أكياس البولي بروبلين الموجهة للسوق المحلي وأسواق شبه المنطقة.

خلال هذه الزيارة، قامت المديرة العامة والفريق المرافق لها بالقيام بجولة على طول خط الانتاج، مما أعطى لهم لمحة عامة عن المنشآت والقدرات الانتاجية للمصنع.

تم اختتام الزيارة باجتماع مع المدير للعام للموريتانية لصناعة الألياف السيد عبد الله القرشي وفريقه، و تركزت النقاشات بشكل أساسي على المشاريع المستقبلية، مثل توسيع نطاق منتجات الشركة، خاصة نحو حلول التغليف القابلة للتحلل.

واغتنمت المديرة العامة هذه الفرصة لتؤكد من جديد التزام الوكالة بدعم المبادرات المبتكرة والمستدامة التي تعزز النمو الاقتصادي والتنمية الصناعية في موريتانيا.


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