‏Capacity Building Training for APIM Staff

‏As part of the project titled “Strategic Mobilization of the Mauritanian Diaspora for Socioeconomic Development in Mauritania,” implemented by IOM and funded by the IOM Development Fund (IDF), technical assistance has been provided to APIM to strengthen the capacity of the Single Window staff.

The main objective of this initiative is to promote investments from diaspora members by encouraging the establishment of SMEs in Mauritania through the Single Window, while enhancing the diaspora’s commitment to the country’s development.

‏The first component of this assistance consisted of a training session covering several important topics, such as the fundamental principles of starting a business in Mauritania, the different recognized legal forms of companies and their specificities, basic knowledge of the national tax and social system, as well as the necessary steps for businesses wishing to formalize their activities.

The purpose of this training session was to improve the performance of the one-stop shop and the quality of services provided to its users by strengthening the knowledge and skills of the staff, in order to optimize the processing of requests and provide more efficient and prompt services to entrepreneurs and investors.

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